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Locating A Witness

When you’re facing criminal charges, key witnesses testifying in your favor is critical for a trial in your favor. Eye witness testimonies and expert witnesses can change the course of a court trial with one simple answer and acquit someone accused of a crime in a short cross examination. Witnesses may be difficult to locate either because they do not know they have information helpful to the case or because they witnessed something take place and are afraid for their own safety. Elite Professional Investigations can help you locate witnesses and recruit them to help strengthen your case.

EPI is Here to Help You

We are committed to providing our clients with the most up-to-date contact information available on witnesses we locate. No matter how hard a person tries to evade being located, it’s important to know everyone leaves a hidden trail and we know how to find it. Our access to databases unavailable to the public enables us to locate witnesses for testimony. The data we develop is verified through surveillance, interviews and other investigative resources.

Beyond the logical tracking of a purchase at a store, a post on Facebook or other digitally recorded footprints, the entire information on where a person has been and where that person is going is only available to those who know where to look. Through proven detective strategies and investigation, we are frequently able to find people who don’t want to be found.

Whether you are involved in a felony or other criminal case, we understand how important it is to have as much advocacy for your defense. Our licensed private investigators will utilize special skills in order to help you locate and even interview witnesses that may have information to help build your case. Contact EPI today.

EPI Witness Location Services:

  • Eye Witness Location
  • Expert Witness Location
  • Finding Current Contact Information
  • Professional Surveillance
  • Witness Interviews

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