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Difficult Service of Process

Generally speaking, people do not take well to being served court documents, whether it is a witness request, a complaint, subpoena or a restraining order. Even if it is not intentional, some people may be hard to find, reach or locate because of their situation. While evading service is not necessarily illegal, it can halt a high stakes case, put someone’s life in jeopardy or interfere with the entire legal system all together. EPI has the resources and abilities to get the job done.

Any process server will be the first to admit that some people are more difficult to serve than others. While some individuals are willing to comply with, or are expecting service, others may prove to be more difficult to contact, whether it is unintentional or on purpose. When the subject of your process becomes difficult, it may be helpful to recruit the services of an experienced Colorado licensed private investigator, that is when Elite Professional Investigations can help.

Our private investigators are valuable in moments when you experience difficulty in the service of process. Rather than attempting to simply contact the person being served, we will first compile a systematic plan based on research in order to ensure that person is approached in a valid moment and served with the necessary papers.

Elite Professional Investigations has a proven reputation for being able to serve people when process servers have failed. At EPI, our investigators have decades of experience with difficult service of process issues; we are resourceful and creative in our tactics to deliver results, all while maintaining within legal boundaries. If you need assistance with difficult service of process, contact a Denver, Colorado licensed private investigator from our office today!

EPI Process Servers Resolve:

  • Invalid resident information
  • Subjects that refuse to answer the door or have a household member answer and say they are not home when you know they are
  • Gated home communities
  • Apartment complexes with limited access
  • Subjects that move or travel often

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