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Criminal Defense Investigations

The number one reason criminal investigations are conducted is for defense. When assisting your defense attorney with specific aspects related to your criminal matter, you want the most qualified investigator to work on your case. The system is built to put people in jail, our objective is to keep you out.

We have assisted wrongfully accused clients through very sensitive criminal issues. Our experience is unparalleled and unbiased in all facets of criminal matters. We have extensive experience with federal and felony cases, and can assist on any level of criminal offense in Colorado.

We employ a high degree of integrity and professionalism throughout every case, no matter the severity or the charges, sensitivity or amount of information necessary to be uncovered. When you are facing the penalties of conviction it is of the utmost importance to have a thorough understanding of the situation. Criminal investigations are helpful to a defendant by ensuring that the conviction or acquittal is made with ALL of the relevant facts at hand.

In a criminal case, there are always two sides: the prosecution, representing the state or city, and the defense attorneys representing you. While both sides have their own resources for compiling evidence and information, private investigators have skills, access and strategies that others may lack. It is not shameful for either to seek the assistance of a third party investigator to assist in their efforts. In fact, it reflects their sincere desire to attain the needed information and ensure the results are fair and just.

At Elite Professional Investigations, our Denver, Colorado licensed private investigators can perform a complete and intensive criminal investigation to assist those involved in the situation to gain a closer understanding of the case. We do this by searching for information, locating and interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence during each investigation. Today’s criminal investigations require modern techniques that we implement and utilize to perform these investigations.

We are prepared to compile your full story, and to deliver the answers you need. Contact Elite Professional Investigations today to learn more about how we can help you keep your feet on solid ground.

Criminal Defense Experience:

• Sex Crimes
• Drug Offenses
• 1st and 2nd Degree Assault
• Homicide and Man Slaughter
• White Collar Crimes
• All other Felony Offenses
• Misdemeanor Offenses

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