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Asset Investigations

Money can impact the result of almost any conflict. You work hard to find it, earn it and protect it and because of that, it plays a large role in many interactions we have with other people. The Denver economy is booming, which is great for all of us who want to start or establish a business. Employers pay employees, business partners share in fiscal responsibility, spouses join their assets and creditors lend it to those who are in temporary need of it. Because of the potential evasive nature of many people, a need may often arise for an investigator to locate assets that are either missing or unknown.

Common situations that may call for asset investigation include; business transactions requiring money under a deadline, real estate transactions that require buyers to pay a mortgage, also investigations for victims of financial fraud. Our financial investigation services can be conducted to assist attorneys with litigation matters and for businesses making significant decisions. Locating the nature, amount and existence of assets may be required in a number of situations. Where ever you find yourself, EPI can help you conduct a private investigation into the assets of a person or business.

Asset investigations are used to divulge the financial profile of an individual or business, and are extremely useful in matters involving litigation. Our Colorado licensed private investigators can untangle webs of complex inter-relationships and crack the technology that conceals the truth. No matter the reason for requiring an asset investigation, EPI can help.

Conducting an Investigation in Colorado

At Elite Professional Investigations, our Colorado licensed private investigators use all methods available to us to identify assets. We understand where and what to look for when it comes to finding out the truth of an individual or company’s assets. We perform hidden asset searches and analysis of fraudulent financial schemes.

Public documents, financial reports and discreet inquiries do not always portray the entire picture. We take our investigation beyond public records in order to ascertain a more clear picture of a person’s behavior and assets. Often times, we use surveillance investigation to provide a practical sense of the overall financial picture. For example, dining at expensive restaurants and luxury travel can identify a lifestyle inconsistent with known income and assets. We are adept at putting together all of the pieces of the puzzle. Our team has the ability to locate hidden assets, and because of our vast experience, we understand the process of uncovering assets that might be undetectable to others.

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Advantage of Asset Investigations

  • Preparing for the process of filing for litigation
  • Confirm / deny the existence of real or hidden assets
  • Investigating fraud of an investment manager
  • Assistance with conducting a due diligence investigation
  • Preparation by a financial institution prior to lending money
  • Investigating joint assets during a divorce proceeding
  • Providing leverage in negotiations to learn financial health
  • Performing executive background screenings

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